Sharing Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone!  Thought I would kick off today with just a little sharing.

I just wrapped up shooting pictures for a couple of new recipes to share with you.  I think the food looks amazing!  I hope you find the recipes just as amazing when I post them.


Since I have declared it “Sharing Sunday” thought it might also be fun to share a few great blog posts from the week.   These are blog posts I have found to be either inspirational for future recipes I want to try and then share with you or just they were plain interesting reads.

  1. A Very Merry Un-Birthday to You - Bake at 350 is one of my favorite food blogs.  On Monday Bridget made a half cake to celebrate her son’s half birthday.  Love the concept!
  2. Cheese and Sesame Flat Bread – On Tuesday I came across this post on Cookistry.  Love flat bread and this recipe sounds like it would make an phenominal appetizer or addition to a meal.
  3. The Whole Kids Foundation – On Wednesday I came across this post on the Whole Food Blog.  I am extremely interested in organizations working to teach children about good nutrition and ending childhood obesity.  It is amazing how many obese children are actually malnourished because the quality of what they eat is so poor!
  4. Roasted Chicken Breast on Barley Risotto – I came across this little gem on Thursday, a recipe for barley made like risotto.  I am always trying to add more whole grains to the menu and this sounds really tasty.  Adding this one to my pile of recipes to try soon.
  5. Random Acts of Cookies – There have definitely been times in my life when the only thing that could pull me out of a funk was doing something nice for someone else.  On Friday Ashley was having a bad day so she made S’mores Krispie Treats and gave them away….bad mood gone.  (Aside from just being a cool post, the cookie recipe sounds totally yummy too!)
  6. Roasted Pumpkin with Walnuts and Chocolate – Came across this recipe yesterday morning.  Ice cream is healthy if you put it over a roasted vegetable right??

So that my daily list of interesting blog posts I read recently.  Are there any blog post in particular that are inspiring you this week?  Do share!

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